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Favorite Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Life · Sponsored Post · June 7, 2017

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Father’s Day is fast approaching, and since this is our first Father’s Day with Andrew as a dad and my dad as a grandfather, I am on the hunt for amazing Father’s Day gift ideas!

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

The Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill: Andrew LOVES to grill. However living in Texas the weather is so iffy. Lately we have had a TON of rain and that has really slowed our grilling down. The Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill is easy to use and creates the perfectly cooked sausages every time in less than 15 minutes. It works anywhere there is an electrical outlet and is easy to transport. The grill has an enclosed design that seals completely when locked so that the sausages are cooked and browned evenly, the juices and flavor don’t escape, and no drippings splatter outside the grill. Users can grill a single sausage or five at a time, making the grill convenient for a single meal or multiple servings (which could be used in a meal the next night!). This is such a great idea for any guy who loves to grill or loves sausage. YUM! Also the sausages are DELICIOUS! The grill’s compact design was created for use in homes, RVs, or anywhere with access to an electrical outlet. Easy to store, easy to clean and easy to love.

An Experience: We are big gifters of experiences. A golf outing, a lake trip, fishing at the lake for the afternoon, a wine and painting class, etc. So many great ideas to gift a fun experience you can do together or as a family!

A Craft: Get the kids involved and make dad or grandpa a craft! Something with their handprints or foot prints are a HUGE win!

Gift Cards: Andrew LOVES to buy random stuff online, so giving him gift cards where he can do that are so great. I tend to always give my own dad gift cards to the golf store he loves so he can buy golf clothes, balls, or towards new clubs.

Something Sentimental: For their first Father’s Day having a sweet picture made into a canvas or framing a picture of them together is such a sweet and sentimental gift!

I would love to know what fathers day gift ideas you have??

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  • 38 thoughts on “Favorite Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    1. Kristin Cook

      That’s so cool! My dad is a meat market manager in a grocery store and he is always bringing home sausage and stuff. I bet this could be really useful!

    2. Christine C

      As I drink my cup of french pressed coffee, I must first start by saying I love your blog title! Great post, too. I’m a huge fan of gifting experiences. My sisters and I have pitched in to send our dad to race car driving experiences a couple of time! Wish I lived closer so I could take him fishing.

    3. sheri

      That sausage grill is so fun. I shop for my husband since my kids are so young and we usually end up getting him something for his favorite hobbies, running or cycling. Hobbyists are always in need of more gear. 😉

    4. Chloe

      This is amazing- do you know any European stockists online or otherwise?? I know my dad would love this- and the whole family too ahahah!!!

    5. Alissa

      I have been struggling coming up with gifts for the hubby and he LOVES sausages. I’m totally getting this. Thanks for the idea!

    6. Divya

      I’m a huge fan of gifting experiences! My father and father-in-law are both not the type to enjoy items as much as they are activity-lovers! Thankfully, we’ll be WITH them this fathers day so can do a hike or something enjoyable that they will love!

    7. Andrea

      LOL, this is great, we eat those all the time. But if he would definitely just want a new grill. My hubby is getting a wireless speaker for his music outside since he always has music going.

    8. Tiffany Griffin

      Wait, what? A sausage grill? That is so cool. I own a hot dog roller, so I can definitely appreciate this. My dads not a griller (or cooker for that matter), so unfortunately, he wouldn’t appreciate something like this.

    9. Victoria Schneider

      What a cool grill! I have honestly never seen these before, but I have heard of the brand.
      Loved your gift ideas too! Father’s Day is so fun!

    10. Erin Moody

      I am always at a loss for what to get my dad for Father’s Day. Thanks for the great tip, he loves sausage!! Congrats on your first Father’s Day with your hubby and new grandpa 🙂

    11. Rachel Harrell

      It’s our first year of Fathers day and Grandfathers too! My dad has already told me he wants my son’s first piece of art for Fathers day… He’s only 11months old so we will see how that goes hahahaha

    12. Annemarie LeBlanc

      My husband is more on the practical side. He’d rather spend Father’s day as it is supposed to be – being a father to his kids. He always says he does not need gifts. But we still get him a gift or two. Nothing really special, just things that we know he needs and would use.

    13. Marielle Altenor

      I love this. I do pretty much all the cooking in our home, but during the summer, my hubby loves using the grill. This can be used inside so that would be awesome as a Father’s Day gift.


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