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Fun COVID-Friendly Halloween Ideas

Baby/Parenting · Holiday · Life · October 21, 2020

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It’s almost Halloween which is crazy! I know most parents, like me are hit with a sense of worry and wonder. Wondering how we are going to make things fun for our kids while making sure we are being safe, following CDC guidelines, and the guidelines of our cities. Here in Dallas they have advised against regular trick or treating so we are not planning to do that. However, we are doing a lot of fun COVID-friendly Halloween ideas I had that I also wanted to share with y’all!

Fun COVID-Friendly Halloween Ideas

  • Cookie decorating: So many local ladies who have cookie business (at least around me) are selling cookie decorating kits! We did this for Easter and it was such a huge hit with Liam. Not only is it a fun activity but you can support a local small business.
  • Card your yard fun: Another small mama-owned business in my area (and probably yours too) are the card your yard signs! I’m sure you’ve seen them for birthdays but a lady near us was doing them for Halloween too! So we are having one delivered and set up on the 30th for Liam to enjoy and also get some cute pics.
  • Scavenger hunt for candy: Since normal trick-or-treating is pretty much a no go most places a fun thing we thought of would be a scavenger hunt/ Easter egg style hunt for candy! Bonus if you can do it in the dark!
  • Deck out the backyard: A lot of my friends with playsets have put fun lights around them for Halloween and it’s such a cute idea to really deck out the back yard and let your kids really enjoy it.
  • “Trick or Treat” with loved ones: We don’t plan to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood but we are going to dress the kids up and drive to my parents and grandparents and let them show off their costumes that way. Not only do we get to see family and they get to see the kids for Halloween but the kids also get a little taste of “normal” trick-or-treating with people we are already around.
  • “Boo” your neighbors: Liam’s school sold boo baskets this year and it’s such a fun idea. I’m sure so many of you all already have this in your areas but basically, you can buy baskets/bags and put treats in them to “boo” your neighbors with. Then they are supposed to pass it on. I think even the Target $1 spot had things for this as well as signs!
  • Halloween movie night: Depending on kids ages you can do a Halloween style movie night. Make some “magic popcorn” AKA popcorn with m&ms mixed in and put on a fun Halloween movie. If we were to do this it would probably be the Halloween Mickey Mouse episode or The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. When Liam and Charlotte or older we can do Hocus Pocus which will be such fun!

So there you have it! It may not look like the typical Halloween but that’s no reason to not celebrate and have fun! COVID-friendly Halloween ideas may take a LITTLE extra effort but they are worth it!

What are your Halloween plans?

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  • 11 thoughts on “Fun COVID-Friendly Halloween Ideas

    1. Stephanie

      So far, I believe our community is doing Halloween similar to normal. My boys are using their costumes from last year (they will be Hogwarts wizards) and we will leave candy on the porch like we always do so we can walk around with them. I think a lot of people have said they are switching more to candy being left out than handing it out so it’s less direct interaction. We put up our outdoor decorations this past weekend and did some crafts for the inside, too.

    2. Mosaics Lab

      I love the ideas…I am so sad they canceled our Halloween party…We’re thinking of hosting our own party.

    3. Stephanie

      These are great ideas! I live in a relatively quiet and adult-filled townhome neighborhood, so we don’t really get trick-or-treaters, but I’ll miss the Halloween fun nonetheless. You’ve definitely inspired me to try some of these!

    4. Christa

      This is so helpful! I’ve been a little bummed that all our regular Halloween plans have been canceled. There are so many great ideas here for me and the kids.

    5. Megan Elliott

      I love these ideas! I don’t have children so that makes it a little easier to plan, but I definitely want to have some Halloween fun so I’ll be incorporating some of these activities!

    6. Molly

      These are such great ideas! I love seeing how people are adapting for Halloween and still finding ways to celebrate it this year.


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