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Monthly Wellness Series Month Seven: Motivation

It’s crazy that we are already over halfway through the month! I am so excited to share this month’s monthly wellness series because the topic of motivation is one everyone needs a little help with…including me! Motivation is key in so many areas of life from motivations to eat healthily, to exercise, motivation to work hard, even motivation to be motivated.

monthly wellness series

Monthly Wellness Series Month Seven: Motivation


Why I think it’s important:

It’s hard to do a lot of things without motivation. I personally need the motivation to go workout, get off the couch, and be productive when my kids nap, pound through massive to-do lists, etc. I think it’s important to find things that motivate you to do that. Without motivation, it’s nearly impossible to reach goals and you sit around doing the bare minimum.

What I do:

Personally, I do a few things-

  • I have daily to-do lists that tell me what I need to get done each day
  • I set small attainable goals for myself which help me stay motivated and accountable
  • I keep notes on my bathroom mirror for things I am striving for
  • I remind myself how good I feel when I do certain things: workout, eat well, finish my to-do list
  • I try to have rewards in mind for accomplishing both big and small goals (treating myself to a Starbucks when I finish my to-do list or buying a new handbag when I hit a certain amount of income for the year.
  • I have friends that check in with me about certain goals and help me stay motivated- we cheer each other on via Apple watch notifications and it’s the best for workouts
  • I take workout classes with friends or go for walks with friends to keep me motivated to stay healthy
  • Andrew and I talk about our short and long term goals and celebrate big wins together which keeps us motivated

This months challenge:

Make a list of the things that motivate you! Put that list on a bathroom mirror, your computer screen, your phone, or wherever you will see it most. Look at that list and remind yourself of it when you feel zero motivation to work towards your goals.


What is something you do to stay motivated?








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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    I love having to-do lists as well. And I use the reminders in my phone often to make sure I am getting things done. My husband motivates me when it comes to fitness since we workout together.

    Published 7.19.21
  2. Joline wrote:

    Hard to stay motivated lately. It really helps to have an accountability partner. Gives me that extra boost that I need.

    Published 7.19.21
  3. I love the idea of putting it on your mirror- no avoiding it that way!

    Published 7.19.21
  4. Kate wrote:

    I definitely struggle with my motivation at times, so this is so helpful. Lists and goal-setting are definitely key for me…

    Published 7.20.21
  5. aisasami wrote:

    What really motivates during the day is good sleep, chai, the kids at work, and just what we can do in the classroom.

    Published 7.20.21
  6. Megan Elliott wrote:

    This is so awesome. I think it’s super important to keep track of your goals and write to-do lists!

    Published 7.26.21