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Favorite Ways To Relax

Life · Sponsored Post · July 27, 2016

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The first trimester of pregnancy is hard. I could not be happier to be pregnant and I feel so blessed. I do not take it for granted at all. In fact every time I get nauseous I’m like “bring it!” Because I prayed for this for so long. However, some days I am just so tired. I also get very anxious. As someone who suffered from anxiety her entire life it seems like I have even more of it now that I’m pregnant. I have found a few favorite ways to relax that really help me calm my anxiety and just enjoy some downtime when I can.


Favorite Ways To Relax

Magazines: I love reading magazines. One of my favorite parts about traveling used to be getting a bunch of magazines at the airport. I do remember thinking to myself on more than one occasion that I should trim it down because my carry on was getting so heavy. I also used to subscribe to tons of magazines which can be expensive and take up a lot of space. Especially if you are someone like me who would get months behind at times. A few years ago I discovered an app called Texture. I have been subscribing monthly since then and what it is, is pretty much every magazine subscription you could want in an app. Yep. You pay for either monthly subscriptions or for a few dollars more you can have the magazines that come out weekly as well. For instance a monthly subscription would be Glamour and Real Simple and weekly magazines would be Time and Us Weekly. Right now there is a HUGE savings where you can get a premium membership for $9.99! Y’all thats really awesome. It’s $5 less than what I pay! This is one of my favorite ways to relax. I sit down with my iPad and scroll through tons of magazines. Recently I found an amazing slow cooker recipe in Real Simple that we are loving. I also found booties for Fall that don’t look ridiculous on me! WIN!

Texture-1 Texture-2

Here are 3 recent articles I took screenshots of to remember:

A workout


A recipe


A trend to try


Walks: We love going on walks. I also love going on walks while listening to a Podcast to relax. Right now since its 300 degrees outside(yes I am exaggerating) I have to go for walks early in the morning. But walks can be so relaxing when you are feeling stressed out or anxious. If you are curious what Podcasts I am listening to, my favorites are in this post.

Naps: Pretty self explanatory, what’s more relaxing than a nap? I used to call my Sunday naps my EPIC SUNDAY NAPS. However I usually spend Sundays now working. But because of that first trimester exhaustion I have been taking a nap almost every afternoon around 4. That’s usually the time of day my body says….NOPE.

Pampering: I love love love getting a mani/pedi. Grabbing a Starbucks beforehand and putting my headphones in while my nails and toes are getting done is one of the best things. I know thats something that can be pricey so even painting your nails or toes at home can be relaxing. I am also a big fan of face masks. Pampering does NOT have to be expensive and can reduce a lot of stress.

Dates: Andrew and I try to have dates as much as we can. Even something so simple as getting yogurt at a nearby yogurt shop or grabbing a burger. They do not have to be fancy dates but dates in general can be a great way for you to relax together. This past weekend we tried a new burger place in our neighborhood and then got milkshakes. It was very low key but it was perfect and relaxing. Exactly what we both needed.

Like I said relaxing is going to be different for everyone. Some people find cleaning relaxing, some people find cooking relaxing. But whatever your favorite ways to relax are just make sure you make time for it!

What are you favorite ways to relax? 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Texture. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • 14 thoughts on “Favorite Ways To Relax

    1. Kristin Cook

      That’s cool! It’s like Bloglovin’ for magazines!

      I love reading magazines. I will often take a bubble bath and read one if I need to relax.

      Congrats on the pregnancy!

    2. Samantha

      The first trimester is hard! It’s impossible to do anything without getting so tired. Enjoy the naps – definitely a great way to relax. 🙂 I love all of these ways to relax. One of my personal favorites is to grab a cup of coffee (even decaf is okay) and just steal a few minutes of peace and quiet.

    3. Emily @ Em Writes

      I love going for pedicures. They’re such a nice treat when I feel like I need a little extra love. I also love to relax by sitting outside and reading when the weather is nice enough.

    4. Alyssa

      I love cuddling up with a good book or going on a walk! I’m excited to check out the Texture app!
      I was wondering what type/brand of planner or notebook was under your iPad above??

    5. Nellwyn

      Reading magazines is definitely one of my favourite ways to relax. Especially in the summer when I can read on my balcony. I get excited every month when my Vanity Fair arrives in the mail!

    6. Chelsea

      Honestly, I love just watching Netflix and scrolling through Insta. As sad as that sounds (media obsessed), that’s what I like to do. Oh, and eating. Although probably not a healthy coping mechanism. lol

    7. Sandy Mangis

      Anxiety can come and go for all of us. Learning how to control your own is your battle won. Reading, long walks, listening to music are great. I have found that my blogging is my therapy. It gives me my happy spot. Bless your pregnancy and the wonderful life you are creating.

    8. Mary

      My favorite way to relax, depends on why I’m hyped up. A lot of times either walking, working out, or cleaning calm me down. It gives a sense of accomplishment when completed. Then others, the beach and a good book are the best ways to chill out.


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