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Monthly Wellness Series: A Year In Review Of Wellness

This year I knew I wanted to start a series on the blog about wellness. I decided on my Monthly Wellness Series focusing on a different aspect of wellness that is important to me each month. I have honestly loved this series and the conversations that have come from it. I wanted to review it a bit before the end of the year and I would LOVE feedback from you guys!

Monthly Wellness Series: A Year In Review Of Wellness

Why this was important to me:

I think so many times women don’t focus enough on overall wellness and self-care. We think a shower or a workout is enough and truly it’s not. It’s so much more than that. I always remind myself and friends that you can’t pour from an empty cup and truly this starts with taking care of ourselves. Things like exercise, what we eat, self-care, boundaries, self-talk and so much more. It was important to me to share this and the struggles I have in each area and also the challenges that we should all place upon ourselves to try and have more wellness in our lives.

Where do we go from here:

I hope you guys read the posts below and try to make 2022 your year of wellness. Even if it’s not in every spot I know I personally plan to pick a few and really focus on next year. I just think that health is so important and without health: mental, physical, emotional, what do we have??

These are all the posts from the year if you want to look back:













Which was your favorite monthly wellness series topic?

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  1. Jennifer Prince wrote:

    I really do need to take my wellness into consideration more next year. I love how intentional you were with it in 2021!

    Published 12.7.21
  2. Amanda wrote:

    I love that you made self-care and personal wellness a goal this year, I ‘ve enjoyed reading your posts and journey! It’s definitely inspiring me to take on my own wellness journey for ’22.

    Published 12.9.21
  3. This has been on my mind a lot lately. I definitely let all of my wellness fall by the wayside over the past 2 years. It is definitely my number one priority for the new year.

    Published 12.10.21
  4. Malia Reed wrote:

    I love your perspective on self-care! One thing that I’ve struggled with is taking my makeup off at night – I know it’s so important to take care of my skin and get quality sleep, but I’ve been putting my studies and wedding planning above everything else the past 6 months, and I just haven’t taken care of myself! Some insight I heard recently is that I should think of my nighttime skincare as a ritual rather than a routine, and that was such a mindset changer! Wellness is so important!

    Published 12.11.21
  5. Deborah wrote:

    I loved this series! I think my favorite topic was on goal setting – it was helpful to me because I don’t think I always set the most realistic goals so it did help me be more focused on what I wanted to accomplish

    Published 12.13.21