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Monthly Wellness Series Month Eleven: Boundaries and Relationships

This is a monthly wellness series topic I have been really excited to talk about. Boundaries are a huge part of wellness. They are huge for your mental health. I wanted to share a bit about why I think boundaries are important in relationships and in life.


monthly wellness series

Monthly Wellness Series Month Eleven: Boundaries and Relationships

Why I think it’s important: 

I think it’s important to feel good in your life and one way to do that is to have certain boundaries in place. I think boundaries are important in both family relationships, and friendships. I also think it’s important to show your kids how to set boundaries for themselves and not to push those. I am not someone who is great at saying NO when someone asks me to volunteer, or help, etc and setting boundaries has really helped me with that.

What I do:

When Andrew and I had kids we knew we needed to set some strong boundaries with our families in regards to a few things. Boundaries look different for everyone but for us those boundaries were: no posting photos of our kids without permission, after a certain time of night (8PM) only call if it’s important. We also set boundaries for our kids such as if you don’t feel like giving someone a hug/kiss you do not have to. I think it’s important for them to understand boundaries for their bodies and consent.

This months challenge:

The only challenge for this is to really think about the boundaries in your life and what boundaries you feel good about and which ones you don’t. Maybe make a goal for next year to completely reevaluate your relationships and the boundaries within those relationships.













What are some boundaries you have set for yourself?

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  1. Joline wrote:

    I hear ya. I’m usually not a yes person but when it’s my family, I can never say no. Need to work on that.

    Published 11.10.21
  2. Shar wrote:

    A monthly wellness series is a great way to stay accountable and crush self-care goals! I find meditation helps much.

    Published 11.11.21
  3. Stephanie wrote:

    Boundaries in general are so important and I really love that you’re teaching your kids about consent. It’s something that I wish had been more of a focus when I was a child. Sounds like you are definitely doing things right!

    Published 11.11.21
  4. Stephanie wrote:

    This: “if you don’t feel like giving someone a hug/kiss you do not have to” is so important to me as a mom, too! I won’t let my boys go to bed without saying “I love you” to them. But my youngest went through a phase 2 years ago of not wanting bedtime snuggles so we didn’t. As a momma, I didn’t like it, but I also respected his wishes.

    Published 11.11.21
  5. Oooh I really love this. I’m really big on boundaries. I definitely say “no” to a lot of things that I know are not good for me and my lifestyle. P.s. I LOVE that you teach your kids that they do not have to give hugs or kisses unless they want to. That’s so important!

    Published 11.12.21
  6. Amanda wrote:

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that setting boundaries has become easier. I’m more likely to say no to things that I don’t really want to do, especially if I have time constraints. I finally came to the realization that I can’t, and don’t have to, do it all. Thanks for sharing this series!

    Published 11.12.21
  7. aisasami wrote:

    Boundaries are super important and need to be clearly said. I am happy that you and Andrew set your own boundaries and they are working!

    Published 11.13.21
  8. Deborah wrote:

    Yes yes yes! Setting boundaries for people in your life is INCREDIBLY important! It’s so hard sometimes but with therapy, I’ve gotten so much better at it.

    Published 11.15.21
  9. Boundaries are so important! Especially once kids enter the picture. Thanks for sharing yours.

    Published 11.16.21